The new oldest meteorite find can help understand how planets were built

A planet with meteorite fragments flying around

Even before the time was created and understood, the Big Bang made sure that the planets are formed in a way that is still under exploration. The research is still on and there are some clues which have been discovered recently to explain the idea of planet formation within the solar system. Space is vast and of unimaginable boundaries that no one has ever been able to detect. Talking about our own galaxy the space experts are of the view that it is about 100,000 light years in diameter. It is simply that no one can dare to get on a generation spaceship and start the journey of Milky Way exploration let alone the complete space.

Meteorite opens new opportunities

The meteor in question will open new doors and avenues of space exploration. Other than the big bang there is no sufficient proof that how we came into existence. There are numerous theories which will be fostered by this piece of debris falling from the space. It will also put an end to many speculations which the scientists have made. The best part of this space debris is that it will also allow the scientists to overcome the problems and many of the hurdles which are being faced in this regard. In other words, it is not just a meteor but a whole new avenue waiting to be explored. It is one of the best findings that have surfaced in recent years.

sample of the rock, material

Famous planetary geologist Carl Agee was the one to get the samples of the rock for the very first time and study them closely. He also asked the Ph.D. students to join in for fun to learn the chemical composition of the rock. At the first glance, it was not easy to digest the fact that the debris came from the space. Carl and his team were skeptical about the composition and much time was taken to examine the rock carefully. The experts are of the view that the debris is from the space as its composition suggests. With the best and the most advanced techniques, the management of the process was made even more accurate. The project team also made sure that the different sections of the debris are tested. The results are astonishing which showed that it is in fact from the space.

magma and the lava

The magma and the lava are the two important compositions which are found within the NWA 11119. This meteor was found once the lava and its constituents were solidified once they were hot. The material and the composition of NWA 11119 are the same as the earth’s crust. The composition is also similar to another meteor i.e. NWA 7235 which shows that both of these are a part of the same planetary body and hence could conclude many unanswered questions about our universe and the earth in particular. The most important aspect of the rock is that it is older even than the Big Bang itself. It is simply awesome and will somehow allow us to take a look at who we are and how our universe came into existence.

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