First recorded coronal mass ejection from a distant star

A split celestial sphere in red glow

The coronal mass ejection within the space is a mass ejection of the magnetic field and the corona and therefore it is regarded as one of the rarest events in space. With such ejection, it is also speculated and recorded that large amounts of plasma are also ejected. The magnetic field is strong so the recording of the event is relatively very easy to perform. The only star where such events are recorded is the sun which produces heat and light as a result of this event. However recently there has been a very rare event which has baffled the scientists as well as the space enthusiast all over the world. The Coronal Mass Ejection or the CME has been ejected from a very distant start that is not the sun. This is a very uncommon phenomenon because of the fact that only solar flares are detected on the stars but not the CME.

The theory of speculation of life on other planets has been fostered by this event which has been highly praised by the alien enthusiasts as well. The event is not recent but the discovery is. This flare was detected about 10 years ago and since then it was being researched over by the scientists. The star in question is HR 9024 which is about 450 light years away.   It has 3 times the mass as that of sun and 10 times as wide as our parent star is. The experts of the University of Palermo in Italy were the first ones that observed this outburst. The Chandra X-ray Observatory collected the data which was then analyzed to conclude the findings.

The irregular movement of the material on the surface of the star was analyzed and then the movements were analyzed by using the Doppler Effect of the X-ray to make sure that the findings are revealed. It was regarded as the CME due to the fact that more mass and the irregularity were moving far from the star as well. It is a very rare event as per the observers and could be seen in millions of years which make it a very special occasion. The ejection of the mass was very huge in mass which was recorded as 1 billion trillion grams. Though this event takes place in space the fact of the matter is that it has been seen for the first and it might be the last time.

Facts about CME

The kinetic energy which was produced as a result of the effect was very much low as expected which another rare event is. The best part of the event is the fact that this event and the related plasma was held inside the planet due to the strong magnetic field which acted as a cage. The ejections are very low as a result and it might also be a reason for which this event has not been recorded in the past. It has also been speculated that such CME can wipe out the entire solar systems and the galaxies. However, the earth is lucky to have a magnetic field to protect us from any such event.

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