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Can we trust docking results?
Sept 2010

IBM Systems and Technology Group releases a white paper with eHiTS and Cell
Oct 2008

EPA's ToxCastTM project will use SimBioSys' eHiTS as docking engine
Nov, 2007


243rd ACS
Mar 25-29, 2012
San Diego, CA
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eHiTS : Electronic High Throughput Screening

"eHiTS really is the single best docking code available."

Stephen Quirk, Global Director of Enabling Technology, Kimberley Clark

Why eHiTS?

Accurate, Fast,  Fully Automated,  Customizable scoring function,  Parallel execution Read More ...

What's New?

eHiTS Lightning!
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Case Studies

  • Pose Prediction & Scoring: eHiTS comes out at the top in an independent user study.Read more
  • Scoring: eHiTS Score comes out at the top in a comprehensive Scoring Evaluation Paper from McGill University. Read more
  • Screening: eHiTS comes out as the best screening tool in an evaluation by Merck. Read More...
  • Pose Prediction: Building on the work of Johnson & Johnson researchers to compare docking programs, Dr. Fedor Zhuravlev, from the Technical University of Denmark compares eHiTS with five other tools. Read More...

Lasso tool

eHiTS LASSO provides scaffold-hopping capability bacuse it uses chemical features of ligands not just 2D or 3D structural similarity. Read More ...

Score utility

eHiTS Score takes advantage of temperature factor information in PDB files to give a more complete picture of interactions.
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Zsoldos et. al., Current Protein and Peptide Science, 2006, vol 7, No: 5, pages: 421-435, October-2006,
Zsoldos et. al., JMGM,Volume 26, Issue 1, July 2007, Pages 198-212, Read More...

Publications by Independent Scientists

Publications and reviews on eHiTS by independent scientists show it's ease of use, accuracy and easy workflow integration Read More ...


Answers to some to the most frequently asked questions ...
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Brochures / Datasheets:

eHiTS     eHiTS algorithm eHiTS LASSO   eHiTS Score Chemical Visualiser: CheVi
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