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Sept 2010

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Oct 2008

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Nov, 2007


243rd ACS
Mar 25-29, 2012
San Diego, CA
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Chemical Literature Data Extraction

CLiDE Standard CLIDE Professional CLiDE Batch


CLiDE is a chemistry intelligent equivalent of Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software. Just as an OCR can recognize characters from a scanned images of printed text, CLiDE can recognize structures, reactions and text from scanned images of printed chemistry literature.

The software saves users hours of redrawing structures from printed material, as it transforms the 'images' into a 'real structures' that can then be input into databases.

The latest edition CLiDE  v5 comes in three flavors:
CLiDE Standard CLiDE StandardThe easy to use, common office application, to convert one picture into one structure at a time.
CLiDE Professional CLiDE Professional The full desktop version of the software, still easy to use, but with the capability to process multiple structures and multiple pages within one document at a time.
CLiDE Batch CLiDE Batch Full processing power of the software without the graphical user interface instead with command line options to drive the software on myriad of images via scripting.

Please contact us for more information on the software.

The CLiDE software was originally written at the University of Leeds, UK. It is currently developed and maintained by Keymodule Ltd, UK, and marketed by SimBioSys Inc.

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