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Can we trust docking results?
Sept 2010

IBM Systems and Technology Group releases a white paper with eHiTS and Cell
Oct 2008

EPA's ToxCastTM project will use SimBioSys' eHiTS as docking engine
Nov, 2007


243rd ACS
Mar 25-29, 2012
San Diego, CA
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Simulated Biomolecular Systems Inc.
Your software partner for rational drug design

SimBioSys is a recognized leader in the field of rational drug discovery software. Providing a wide range of software solutions, the company is focused on the development of scientific tools to facilitate the drug discovery process. It retains a constant focus on the innovation of algorithms to provide improved throughput and accuracy in the fields of flexible docking, virtual screening, de-novo structure design and computer-aided retrosynthetic analysis  >>read more>>
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Introducing ARChem for Synthesizing Ideas
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Over 150 industrial and academic groups use eHiTS worldwide.
And that number is growing rapidly! Why?
"eHiTS really is the single best docking code available."
Stephen Quirk, Global Director of Enabling Technology, Kimberley Clark
eHiTS is one of the best scoring functions say researchers at McGill
"we've run eHiTS Lightning on PS3 machines and it's fast!"
Peter Lavin, Computer Architecture Group, School of Computer Science and Statistics, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland ...>>
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Technical notes, C&E News coverage
Mar 28, 2011: eHiTS is in the lead at the Spring ACS meeting's Docking and Scoring programs review session (PDF),
organised by Neysa Nevins, Georgia McGaughey and Greg Warren using a curated benchmark dataset
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